A new, unique store in the heart of Mumbai’s 100-year-old textile hub—the iconic Mangaldas Market—would need to help patrons find their way through the maze. This part of erstwhile Bombay is old, having grown as the city grew, and it’s an organic bazaar bustling with hundreds of generations-old shops selling myriad items such as food, stationery, and oil.

No-Mad wanted to highlight the authenticity and beauty of this bazaar as customers made their way to their store.

The City Studio was already a fan of Mangaldas Market and the secrets it held. We had our team of locals tell us which places held the most interest—most were over 50 years old; some were older than Mangaldas Market itself.

We put together a tight list of a dozen ‘must be Mangaldas’ stories featuring jewellery and jalebis, thalis and thread-sellers, an animal shelter and so much more. We worked with illusrator Pia Alize to create a visual voyage of discovery.

No-Mad was thrilled.