Harper’s Bazaar India

Harper’s Bazaar, the world’s oldest fashion magazine, celebrated a decade in India and their editor wrote to us admitting she is “obsessively in love with Bombay.”

A fan of our art prints, she asked if we would like to collaborate with them to tell a few stories from Mumbai, entrusting us with space. We enlisted illustrator Pia Alize to bring to life five places in the city which are not just favourites, but encapsulate the city’s many moods and personalities.

The old-world charm of Regal Cinema and its subtle nod to the City of Dreams. The bustle of Cafe Madras, that hub in the heart of Matunga that is redolent with coffee and jasmine. The DN Road Book sellers for their usurping of the city’s last generous pavements and the forgiving love of the public. The exotic Kenneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue that reminds us of the diversity of the city of Mumbai. The nostalgia of K Rustom’s — because every Mumbaikar has an ice-cream sandwich story (if they don’t, they should know where to get theirs.)

The stories were received with a great deal of warmth and delight from old residents and new arrivals.