About Us

Who We Are

The City Studio is the brand content extension of our story-telling mothership The City Story.

Highlighting a neighbourhood, locality, or an entire city requires in-depth knowledge of its people, spaces, experiences, history, and culture. We work with a network of local writers, illustrators, photographers, and film-makers who hold the keys to the city, who understand the very fabric that the city is made of.

Our approach to story writing—authentic, personal, a fresh perspective on both the new and the familiar—had brands interested in working with us. The evolution into branded content happened organically.

The City Studio’s keen understanding of place narratives and place marketing helps us create compelling content for brands who want to forge authentic, personal connections with customers at a local-expert level.

What We Do

We start conversations.

The City Studio team works with the brand’s strategies, uses our own research and insights, and executes brand narratives via text, photographs, maps, videos, and graphics.

We also create customised, exclusive products that use story-telling, art, and design. We’ve found online publishing, print books, films, illustrations, and merchandise help bring a brand’s version of the city to its audience.

How We Do It

All neighbourhoods, districts, cities have myriad ‘brand identities’ — cultural, social, commercial, historical etc. Brands can customise their global strategies to resonate authentically with one or more of these identities.

We find these connections and make them happen.

Whether it’s establishing a startup’s relevance in a historic market, straddling the past and future of a real estate development, or taking the ‘perfect snapshot’ of a megapolis for a new visitor—we do it.

Our process begins with exploring the brand strategy and bringing our own localised research and insight into it to zero in on the ideal customer-brand connect.

We then work on creating imagery and messaging using the core ideas and intentions. When necessary we also create a story-telling timeline and amplification plan.

Our goal is to make each product unique to each client. We finally implement the product in whatever form or combination of forms—online text, art, design, booklets, photography—we know will work best for the strategy.

The Team

L-R: Juhi Pande, Genesia Alves, Shivani Shah